Trip to England (by Leah Köhler, Anna Stumpf, Laura Ewen, all from class 10c)

von Christian Wittkowsky, 11.07.2014, 11:23 Uhr

Our journey began on Sunday 15 June 2014. We met at 7.30 am at school. Then we drove to Calais where we took the fairy to Dover. We arrived at about 6 pm in Bexhill, where we met our host family. We stayed in these families from Sunday to Friday. When we arrived at the family’s house they showed us our rooms and the house. Then we ate together with them, and went to bed because it was a long and hard day.

At the next day we had a rally in Bexhill, where we had to answer questions about the city. We had to find out the answers by asking people from there. Then we drove to Birling Gap, where we started a long walk on the chalk cliffs to Beachy Head. We had time to take pictures and a break, where we sat together and talked and enjoyed the beautiful view. After that we drove home to our host families to eat and rest for the next day.
The second day we went to London, the capital of England. In London we had a walk around the most famous sights: we watched “Big Ben“, the „Buckingham Palace“, the „London Eye“ and more attractions.
It was very nice to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The subway ride was also a great experience, because we got the feeling how it is in a big city. When we finished our walk along London’s attractions the teachers gave us 30 minutes free at Leicester Square, so that we could go shopping in groups of 3 to 5 pupils.
When we finished shopping we watched more sights e.g. Chinatown. At the end we got 2 hours off at Covent Garden so that we could go shopping too. At the end of the day we took the train back home to Bexhill.
On one day of our England trip, we went to Brighton. It is a town on the south coast of Great Britain. First, we made our way to the Royal Pavilion. On the way we could already see some interesting sights from Brighton, like the Brighton Pier. At the Royal Pavilion we made a tour of the royal residence. The tour was very interesting, because we learned some facts about George, the Prince of Wales. After that we had 3 hours free time. In this time we had the chance to see some more interesting things in Brighton. 3 hours later we met at the Brighton Pier. There we could decide if we want to go with our groups to the beach or have a walk along the pier. In the end we were all sitting together at the beach and made our way to the bus.
I really liked the trip because we pupils got more self-confidence because we had to speak English in our host families and it was nice to meet them and to see new cities.